Legal Essentials & Services, LLC offers attorneys freelance paralegal services at a minimum fee. We offer years of experience and have worked directly with attorneys in practice areas such as Family Law and Probate Matters. Is your office in overload? Are deadlines vastly approaching? Do you have an employee out of the office due to illness or vacation time? Are you in need of court filings or document retrieval? If so, we are here to assist your office with the experience of a paralegal without the cost of permanent staffing. Below is a listing of some of the services that we are here to offer you:

Living Wills
Simple Wills
Name Changes
Quitclaim Deeds
Discovery Requests
Entry of Appearance
Settlement Agreements
Divorce by Publication
Articles of Organization
Case Status Announcement
Durable Power of Attorney
Notice of Leave of Absence
Divorces (Contested/Uncontested)
Advanced Health Care Directives
Parenting Plans/Visitation Agreements
Domestic Relations Financial Affidavits
Child Support Worksheets and Schedules

If you are interested and in need of additional information, you may contact us by completing the Email Contact Form.

Disclaimer: Legal Essentials & Services, LLC can only provide legal services to licensed attorneys.  By law, we cannot provide our services nor legal advice to the general public.